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Our Product Lab will help you build, scale, and deliver your idea.

End to End Product Development

We use a 3 step process to improve the chances of success of your startup, ensuring not only the software
is Awesome but also your Product Strategy, Design and Scaling.

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We have a 3 step process to help you build, design and scale your App.


Mobile Apps

 ~/Hitocean $ Android / IOS App ?
  Let’s create an awesome App together.
We have a passionate mobile developers team.


Web Apps

 ~/Hitocean $ Thinking about web-Apps ?
  We’ve builded and delivered more than 100 projects.
We love challenges, that’s why we love startups.



 ~/Hitocean $ Usability & look-and-feel
  We create designs preventing the obstacles that could stop the user from learning, in order to make their first visit a habit.



 ~/octocat-classifier $ Do you need Automation and Integrations?
  We create custom systems to support your business management needs, automating and integrating processes to help you have your data and processes fast and clean.


Dedicated Teams

 ~/Hitocean Unleash the power of technology in Argentina
Home to a thriving ecosystem of unicorn companies with world-class research and development facilities. These companies serve as a training ground for world-class developers, fostering a pool of talent prepared to face global challenges and take advantage of high-paying job opportunities in the international market.
it outsourcing

App for insurance companies that helps their clients to report events.

In the event of an accident, the drivers scan the QR code of the other person involved and the information is automatically transferred to both companies about location, date, time and description of the accident with the data of those involved.


Easy reportings


Lees daily reports


Accurate location & datetime
it outsourcing


Finding paddle tennis courts near you is usually difficult.

With Mi-Padel we have builded a booking platform that works with its own management system for paddle tennis court’s providers. By doing this the app helps the players to make reservations and providers to easily get booked their free times.





Dedicated teams


Shopery, our successful partner from Spain, is an innovative SaaS marketplace that provides comprehensive solutions for B2B and B2C markets. We collaborate closely with them through our dedicated teams, with an exclusive team under the supervision of our PM (Project Manager) and tech leader.

it outsourcing


We’ve developed Peak Flow, a mobile application that offers personalized well-being based on breathing for your goals. Enhance performance, reduce stress, optimize sleep, conquer altitudes, and overcome asthma.

it outsourcing

Sysneo, our valuable client, entrusted us with the development of their EdTech platform. We provide a robust model for virtual education and the necessary tools to achieve exceptional educational experiences.